Board of Directors

Monica Stampbach


Married to Robin, nurse by profession.  Has two children, Alex & Steven.  She was born in Australia, spent two years traveling Europe and Asia,  and has lived in Australia, England, Switzerland, and Honduras, and is now a proud US citizen.   She has resided in the USA for 36 years. Likes to garden, cook, knit, crochet, play cards, drink fine wine, and spend time with friends. Her goal is to continue to make pickleball enjoyable for everyone and to make positive changes both on and off the court.  You can email Monica at

Rich Sykes

Vice President

Like many of you, I’m a Baby Boomer (born in 1949).  I grew up in a small town just off Main Street (but I never met Sinclair Lewis).  I met my charming wife, Kay, at a college Columbus Day party in 1969 (oops, can’t use that security question any more).  We raised our only daughter, Jenn, in a resort like neighborhood near the shores of Lake Minnetonka.  The Lake helped to keep a daily commute along the shoreline into the Twin Cities pleasant enough while I worked there for an American Express financial company for nearly 30 years; over the same period, Kay taught 4th grade students in a little community West of the Twin Cities.  Retirement came when our daughter graduated from college and settled in San Francisco.  We were quick to follow but settled a bit North in the heart of wine country, where we discovered wine & Pickleball (Yay!)  In the Spring of 2016, we once again found ourselves following our Daughter, but with a twist.  We moved to Southern California ahead of our Daughter based almost entirely on her plan to move to SoCal. In the end, Jenn, her man, and our 2 grandkids (Nico – 5; Indi – 2) followed us into town, as of last December (Yay!).  I’ve had a fever and cold, more often than not, ever since.  You can email Rich at

Ann Woolard


I was born and raised in suburbia Philly.  I hated the cold so, as soon as I could, I bolted to warm Florida, got married, got my accounting degree, and had 3 beautiful, awesome daughters.  Meanwhile, my husband (at the time) and I opened a bunch of fitness centers.  Finally divorced in 2013 and sold off our remaining gyms.  In 2014 I started hanging out with Bob.  He took me on cruise out of the Port of San Diego in November of 2016 and, when we got back, we decided to spend a week in San Diego- Del Mar.  We loved it here so much!!  We contacted a realtor and looked at some homes. Then we flew back in January and bought a beautiful home in Bonsall.  And, can you believe, we had never heard of Pickleball!  Luckily our neighbor here in Bonsall invited us to Pickleball one morning and we’ve been hooked ever since.  You can email Ann at

Diahann Viada


I started playing Pickleball in March 2017. Me and my wife are full time RVers. The park we stay in 9 months out of the year has Pickleball 5 days a week during the winter months. I wanted to do something other than water aerobics, so I started playing Pickleball at Campland on The Bay. I came to Melba Bishop in July 2017 when we moved to Oceanside for the summer. I enjoy playing open play and meeting new people. I joined the Board of Directors at Melba in April 2018. I am happy to hear any thoughts, ideas or concerns or just chat about Pickleball.  You can email Diahann at

Lulu McDowell

Social Director

Grew up in St. Louis where Mac and I met in high school.  Worked as an airline ground hostess while finishing college.  Raised our son, Brian, in Quincy, Illinois, a picturesque town on the Mississippi.    Mac taught tennis there and had great fun taking kids to tournaments on weekends. Retired as a psychotherapist when we left the midwest.  We followed  our son, Brian, to California to be near him & 2 grandsons.  Married to Mac 50 years this August.  We found pickleball 3 years ago and are so grateful to  be able to share it with Brian and our grandson, Bryce.  You can email Lulu at